Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 Results

In 1994 the FL Lottery Fantasy 5 game began offering drawings Monday through Friday. The Fantasy 5 lottery increased from 5/26 and 5/36. Fantasy 5 highest payout was changed to a roll-down option. In March 2006 a new bet selection named EZmatch was also available to Fantasy 5 lotto players. An additional 1 dollar bet may win players up to $500 instantly, by pairing the Fantasy 5 numbers to the random EZ match numbers.

Florida Fantasy 5 lottery winners may take their winnings as a 1 time payout or a lump sum option. All lotto winnings less than $600 may be picked up at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer; for larger lotto winnings players must redeem their money at a Florida Lottery main office or the FL Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee. Florida Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries greater than $250,000, or Powerball prizes more than $1 million, can be picked up at Florida Lottery headquarters.


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